Textimage size

Author: Alessandro Tuveri,  at(at)specialistaweb.it 

What is this? 

Textimage_size is a little plugin to allow you select a different layout size for the content type: text/image, text/pic, text/media. The main purpose is to "break" the bootstrap package limitation, that offerts only the 50% space to text and the 50% space to host one or more images.

Note: less support / bootstrap 4  dropped - use only with bootstrap5 and SCSS


This plugin depends on bootstrap_package  v. 12.0.X - 14.x. wiith TYPO3 11/12.
For older versions search the repository.


Download it from T3 repository

Howto install and use

Tips for correct use of the plugin and publishing non-blurred images.



Some demos online...