Howto override bootstrap contentelements templates

Sometimes can occur that you are building a custom extension that overrides the default contentelement templates of bootstrap package.

If you install textimage_size and want run it with your extension, you will notice that each extensions are mutually exclusive. because both are overriding the default templates/partial paths.  Usually this happens via constants.

Best way to solve this problem is to change a library of bootstrap package, You can put this code within you setup file or Template > edit whole template > edit setup. This is the code:

# Shared settings for TYPO3 content elements

lib.contentElement = FLUIDTEMPLATE
lib.contentElement {
    templateName = Default
    templateRootPaths >
    templateRootPaths {
        0 = EXT:bootstrap_package/Resources/Private/Templates/ContentElements/
        10 = {$plugin.bootstrap_package_contentelements.view.templateRootPath}
        20 = EXT:textimage_size/Resources/Private/Templates/ContentElements/
        30 = EXT:yourextension/Resources/Private/Templates/ContentElements/
    partialRootPaths >
    partialRootPaths {
        0 = EXT:bootstrap_package/Resources/Private/Partials/ContentElements/
        10 = {$plugin.bootstrap_package_contentelements.view.partialRootPath}
        20  = EXT:textimage_size/Resources/Private/Partials/ContentElements/
        30  = EXT:yourextension/Resources/Private/Partials/ContentElements/

as you can see above, the code will delete the default library (partially) with:

    templateRootPaths >
     partialRootPaths >

to avoid this and if you prefer, you do the same with few lines to integrate the existing code:

lib.contentElement.templateRootPaths.20 = EXT:textimage_size/Resources/Private/Templates/ContentElements/
lib.contentElement.templateRootPaths.30 = EXT:yourextension/Resources/Private/Templates/ContentElements/
lib.contentElement.partialRootPaths.20  = EXT:textimage_size/Resources/Private/Partials/ContentElements/
lib.contentElement.partialRootPaths.30  = EXT:yourextension/Resources/Private/Partials/ContentElements/