Circle rollovercollection2

CIRCLE rollovercollection2

First release (april, 20 2017) is made of seven CIRCLE effects with CSS3 and transitions, freely readapted for TYPO3. Since v. 2.0.0 LESS support and use is dropped

demo | download | tutorial 


  • style#2 do not have the inset shadow
  • style#3, "more" link should be vertically centered
  • style#4 do not have the inset shadow
  • style#5 is not the same of the original. However the mask is  more wide so the text can be printed better.

Bootstrap v. 8 with TYPO3 v8

  • the boostrap 8.0 or TYPO3 do not shows anymore the textmedia fields: description (caption) and sys file reference (link). Instead use: textimage until the problem is resolved (this not depends on my extension).
    Solution: update to the latest version

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