Upgrading News StyList from v. 2.0.5 to 5.0.x in conjuction with sys news v. 11.x can result in data loosing.
To avoid this, please follow the instruction.

To report problems and bugs, please refer to github


Common problems and solution

The following reports refer to notes valid up to v. 10

  • after update the bootstrap_package to v.10.4.16 if you see this error: "Core: Exception handler (WEB): Uncaught TYPO3 Exception: #1442236317: MenuItem "" is not valid | InvalidArgumentException thrown in file ..."
    Solution: goto Admin Tools > Maintenance > clear all cache. This could appear when you run Extension manager.
  • since v 1.5.0 the file constants.ts was not closed properly.
    Solution: Download the latest  version from repository
  • default layout - since version 1.3.1 the default value for items per raw is configured for 3 news per row as default - instead shoud be "1" news per row. This force TYPO3 to split the news in 2,3 o 4 columns.
    Solution: to avoid this behaviour upgrade to 1.5.4 and if the problem is not solved the only way to fix is to re-edit the plug and ajust the value manually.
  • youtube movie within slides works correctly but the movie is not resized automatically to the 100% of space available. This will be fixed in a new version.
  • some styles should be adjusted
  • the output is not what expected, buttons, etc. are printed out despite of the plugin configuration
    solution: include the library newsstylist editing the whole template
  • image not shown - check the plugin configuration and/or open the image properties and select "Show in all views" or "Show only in list news"
  • images have a different size/proportion, so that are misaligned.
    solution:  open each news and expand the image  selection, then click Open Editor button to crop all the images used in list view  with the same width/height (9:16, 4:3, etc.)
  • image is distorted -  check the news plugin configuration > Template > fields: Max width for media elements or Max height for media elements
    remove any value inserted
  • some news are not displayed: check if you filled Items per page and Max record displayed under Additional tab and compare it with the settings of slider/newsstylist