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Author: Alessandro Tuveri,  at(at) 


Upgrading News StyList from v. 2.0.5 to 5.0.x in conjuction with sys news v. 11.x can result in data loosing.
To avoid this, please follow the instruction.

What is this?

News Stylist is a plugin that expands news system plugin functionalities. All modifications can be made within the news system plugin, where you will find two new tabs (News StyList and Swiper Slider).

With one touch only  you can reposition the elements, enable or disable,change data formats, override the label "read more" and so on.  

Enable slider or not - The slider works in conjunction with newsstylist, with two news layout: List view and List selected items.  Swiper slider has been integrated with some functionalities, have a look to: (MIT license).

You can change the position of header, image, extras, hide or show them via News StyList tab and configure the slider accessing to Swiperslider tab.

Note that the options works too with the other news options so that you can get really a wide variety of output without installing any other plugin.

Multiple sliders on the same page are allowed; keyboard use, mousewheel are activated by default.

Download it from T3 repository


static (no slider) |  default layout + slider |  card news+ slider |  carousel | carousel big text centerednewsletter, plain text (static) 

Requirements (latest version)

  • TYPO3 11.x -12.4.x
  • bootstrap_package 10.0.3-14.0.x
  • news system  10.x -11.4.x

Howto install?

See the install guide

Howto configure

The combinations between the various parameters and options of the news system and NewsStyList are numerous. I recommend seeing the demo pages in this section which illustrate the configurations used for each plugin.
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